Mia Khalifa in That Bikini-Busting Girl Who Works at the Hamburger Joint


The legend of Mia Khalifa, aka The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint, started in early August, when SCORE editor Dave realized, completely by accident, that the girl who had been taking his order at the burger restaurant for the past several months had big tits and a super-hot body.

But let’s have Mia tell the story. “There’s the burger restaurant I work at, which you and a bunch of guys from SCORE go to,” said Mia, who was born in Lebanon and lives in Miami, Florida. “And there’s a pet store across from it, and I went to get my dog some food. I have a little Maltipoo. And on my way out, I saw Dave in his car and said, ‘Hi!’ And he rolled down his window and looked at me and said, ‘Do I know you?’ And I said, ‘I’m your cashier from the burger restaurant.'”

For Dave, this was an instance of awe turning to shock. You see, the uniform at the burger joint is not very flattering. Mia describes it as “a giant polo shirt with a high collar and an apron over it and a doofy hat that looks like it should have a propeller on top.” On this day, Mia was wearing a tight, backless, form-fitting top and a high-waisted skirt with high heels. She obviously had a body built forSCORE and porn. But did it really matter? Typically, the odds of any girl accepting an offer to pose nude for a men’s magazine and website are slim.

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Date: January 9, 2015

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